My Pull List For 12/4/13 – Adam Kelly

Here's a look at Adam's pull list this week, let us know what you're looking forward to in the comments below!

The Superior Spider-Man #23


I’m sure a lot of people probably hate this series-but I just jumped on last week since I could tell there would be some symbiote action, and I’m a sucker for that.  I’ve always been a casual fan of Spider-Man, so I think I’m going to read from The Amazing Spider-Man #698 up until the current issues and see if I like it.  I thought #22 was pretty cool, nothing mind-blowing but still enjoyable.  Judging by the cover it seems like the symbiote might leave Flash which could be interesting.  Hopefully this ‘cringeworthy’ moment that Marvel boasts in their preview is in the good sense…

Velvet #2


I loved the first issue along with my fellow Bastards.  We did this as a group review last month, and I was very impressed by how fresh this story seems to be in a well-explored genre.  That’s only judging by one issue, but I think this creative team has something special up their sleeve for this series.  The cliffhanger on the first issue was immense-I’m really curious as to what really killed agent X-14.  And with Velvet on the run from her own agency, I’m wondering if we’ll find out more about her past.

Mocking Dead #4


I picked up the first three issues on a whim a few weeks ago, and I’m a fan of this miniseries.  It doesn’t blow me away in any facet of the creative process, but for some reason I just feel like I have to finish reading this series out.  It’s a bit of a spoof with an original (I use that term very casually) idea.  I’m almost waiting for it to make me laugh a lot, but I’m curious to see if Bunch actually finds The Mocking Dead original film.  Maybe people will start actually listening to him and realize that he’s been right along?

Reality Check #4

Reality Check #4-1 copy

So as you can see, this week isn’t a huge week for me getting books.  I’ve done all the reviews for this particular miniseries from Image, so I figured I might as well finish this one out too.  I’m curious as to how this one ends.  It’s been a goofy ride-will Will get his old girlfriend back, or will Dark Hour screw up Will’s chances and try to overstay his welcome in real life?  Things got real dark at the end of last issue, so I’m hoping the ending will be a satisfying one.  Either way, I’m sure it’ll involve a few laughs and some serious superhero clichés.