My Pull List For 3/19/14 - Neil Rodriguez

Another week, another chase of comic books to get.  This week there is tons of great books that the publisher are offering us this week. Whether its indie or the big two there is definitely something for all of you.  Here is my list books that I am waiting for with much anticipation and excitement.  Behold! My pull list for this week.

The Witcher #1

The Witcher #1 Cover

This books series, turned video game, now turned into a comic book miniseries has got me intrigued.  The story of the game was really cool.  I did not finish it however because the mechanics were not my favorite in that game.  I am picking this up just to see if they creative team can capture the story telling that was really good in the video game.

The White Suits #2

The White Suits #2 Cover

Another book from Dark Horse but this one is just balls to the wall fun.  Issue one knocked my socks off with its great pacing, and kick ass art.  I am looking forward to issue two and see how can they improve it from issue one.

Daredevil #1


This book got me interested just on the premise that Daredevil is not in New York anymore and is moving to San Francisco, I am not a fan of the move but I will give this issue a try since  Mark Waid has really done a great job with the character so far.  I trust in Mark Waid on this one.

Nova # 15

Nova #15 Cover

This story arc has been fun so far.  It’s Nova teaming up with Beta Ray Bill to help Beta Ray, free his people from slavery.

Undertow # 2


This book has been a pleasant surprise. While it did take me two times to fully understand what is going on the book.  The book is a great and the art on this book is great. Looking forward for issue two.