My Pull List For 3/5/14 – Dustin Cabeal

It’s the return of the, ah wait, pull list doesn’t rhyme with anything. Seriously though these are the books I’m looking forward to picking up this week and just some thoughts on either why I’m picking them up and maybe it’ll help you decide as well.

Moon Knight #1


Two words: White Suit. I know you probably thought I was going to say Warren Ellis and that’s the real reason. I honestly don’t read a lot of Marvel superhero titles anymore and since that’s all they make it means I don’t read Marvel anymore. But it’s Warren Ellis and while I don’t know how long he’ll be on the series or if I’ll even continue to buy it… I’m down for this issue. (We’ll have a group review at the end of the week)

Veil #1

Veil #1 Cover

Rather than running with the whole “two words” thing I’m going to say that Greg Rucka is a writer I follow because he can write more than one genre and write it well. Veil looks awesome and that’s another reason I’ll be checking it out, the art. Also a naked girl covered in rats just has me perplexed so I need answers. (Look for Adam’s review this week)

Revival #18


If you don’t know by now, I love Revival. It’s getting really fucking crazy now as the government is involved and some of the fucking Revivers are being locked up. It’s intense and I can’t wait to read this week’s issue. (Adam and I will be dual reviewing this issue so check that out)

Quantum & Woody: Goat #0


Here’s a true story I’ve owned two goats in my life. The first one we sold off because we were moving from our ranch house to the suburbs and I couldn’t keep a goat that could literally jump from a story up and land okay in the back yard. This issue has the goat in it in case you were like, “why the fuck is he talking about goats” and that’s why I’m looking forward to this issue. Also it’s great jumping on point for anyone that’s never read the series. (Look for Steve’s review this week)

Rogue Trooper #1


For some reason IDW has been handling 2000 AD’s properties the right way. I don’t know why, but I’ve dug everything they’ve handled so far and I’m hoping that continues here. (James has got you cover with a review this week)

The Victories #10

The Victories #10 Cover

I hope that by now you’re reading Omeing’s The Victories because it’s great. The last issue had a great cliffhanger and just reading the preview to this week’s issue put a smile on my face. Oeming is at the top of his game and I can’t wait to see what happens this month. (Jordan’s got this one cover for you)

Juice Squeezers #3

Juice Squeezzers #3 Cover

This is probably one of the strangest and yet well-thought out mini’s I’ve read in a long time. I’m not sure where it’s going to go. If this story will conclude with the next issue or if it will be open for more, but I love it. I really love it. I get excited every time I see a new issue and I just dig the hell out of what Lapham is doing with the series. Catch up if you haven’t read it yet. (Neil and I are still fighting over the review, but they’ll be one!)

The Twilight Zone #3


This was a huge surprise for me when I started reviewing the series last issue. I’m looking forward to this installment because in my opinion JMS has captured the TZ feel and done so in a very modern way. If only CBS had gotten him involved in one of the failed modern versions, he could have saved it… maybe. That doesn’t matter, what does is this comic and it’s a funny, trippy, modern Sci-Fi story for those looking to get their fill.

Sinister Dexter #4


That last issue was a bit of a drag. It showed the flaw in collecting an anthology/magazine style of story in a monthly issue format. A trade would be one thing, but a monthly comic should be fun and interesting and the last issue was not. I say this because it puts me on the fence this issue whereas I was all in before. It should be interesting to see where it goes this month, but I could be jumping ship at the end.

Wild Blue Yonder #4


It takes a while for a new issue of Wild Blue Yonder to come out. I doubt more people realize it’s bi-monthly because that’s so rare in comics these days. It’s always worth the wait though and I can’t wait to see everything fall apart this issue. It’s going to be good. Get caught up quick if you’re not reading already.

Burn The Orphanage #3


Just kidding I don’t like this series. I’ll be reading the review copy though because I just want to see how terrible it is this time. I barely finished the first issue and I could only manage about twenty pages of the second before I just looked at the art. I just don’t get how a comic that’s basically custom-made for my demographic, my generation and my personal tastes… can be so bad. Sure the art is good (not great), but the story is like pulling teeth while being shot in the dick. The only thing I have to thank this book for is inspiring a new feature of this list and that’s the Non-Pull List Pick of the Week. Thanks I guess. --- Well there you have it, that’s my list and I’m sticking to it. Someone tell me what my grand total is it looks painful.