My Pull List For 4/23/14 - Neil Rodriguez

Another week of books is coming and this week there is a strong selection to go through. Some good indies are out there to read as well as books from the big two. Here is this week pull list.

Conan The Avenger #1

Conan the Avenger #1 Cover


With Brian Wood series ending, Fred Van Lente picks up the mantel of the Barbarian continuing from where the Wood series ended. I have been reading his Archer and Armstrong for a while now and it has been fantastic. I am picking this number one just to see what Van Lente has in store for the beloved Barbarian.

Red Lanterns #30

 Red Lanterns #30 Cover

Red Lanterns has been up and down since I have picked up. Guy leading the Reds initially sounded cool, but after reading a couple of issue with Guy as the Leader I am bit torn of him leading the team. He seems to be a little overwhelmed at times and it has made for some really meh issues. Recently they have tried to make this series interesting with the integration of Supergirl as a Red which has been really fun so far, and now finally Atrocitus is back and he isn’t all too happy to be taken down as the Reds leader.

UnderTow #3


Image has been on a roll with their books, From ongoing series like Ratqueens, and East of West to their miniseries in Pretty Deadly, it seems like whatever Image throws out is a big success, and Undtertow is another example of Images great run of comics. This series has been one of my favorites this year and I am looking forward to see how the crew gets out of land after being discovered by the humans. One of the years bests minis in my opinion.

Daredevil #2

Daredevil #2 Cover

The reboot of Daredevil continues, and the first issue was real good. I thought that moving Daredevil from Hell’s Kitchen was a mistake, but after reading issue one I was pleasantly surprised by the issue. I am very intrigued to read how Daredevil will adapt in his new home.

Elektra #1


Marvel is bringing back the assassin, and Marvel promises that everything you knew about her will change. I’ll give this a shot just to see what changes Marvel will bring to the character.