My Pull List For 4/9/14 - Erik McAlister

Heading to the comic shop today? Well see what Erik is picking up this week on the "Pull List!"

Star Wars #16

Star Wars #16 Cover

It wouldn’t feel like New Comic Book Day without this is my pull list, so here it is. I love this book, and I’m going to be super bummed when Dark Horse loses the rights to publish Star Wars titles. I even have a hard time typing that. Anyway, I love the classic feel and mood of Brian Wood’s Star Wars. The scripts are always top notch and this is the best representation of this universe that is currently on the shelves. If you’re a fan, then you need to start reading. I would almost be willing to send you my copies just so you wouldn’t have to live your life without experiencing this story. I probably won’t, but that just felt good to say.

Magnus: Robot Fighter #2


Who doesn’t love the classic story of a man being thrown into a situation that he has no business being in? I do. However, whenever publishers have these new initiative things, I’m not usually the first one to jump onboard with them. The New 52 let me down, Marvel NOW was a bust, Project Black Sky has yet to impress me, except for Brain Boy, which I love, but where has that book been? Coincidentally, Brain Boy and Magnus: Robot Fighter are written by the same dude, Fred Van Lente. And they’re both good. Maybe I’m just a Van Lente fan, I don’t know, but I really enjoyed the first issue of Magnus. So that is good enough reason to pick up this issue if you ask me. So maybe the Gold Key Universe will keep me onboard.

Indestructible #5


When news got to me that some new talent was going to be jumping onto this book, I got pretty excited. Especially because I loved Todd: the Ugliest Kid on Earth. And that news couldn’t have come at a better time. I wasn’t that impressed with the previous issue, and that made me feel bad. I like that I like this book. It’s original, it’s fresh, and some cool things are starting to happen to the main character, Greg. Those are reasons to stay with this book. I foresee good things in the near future for Indestructible, and I don’t like to be wrong. Unless my expectations are off in a good way. Like Avengers, for example. I didn’t think that that movie was going to be good, but oh my god was I wrong. I mean how good was that movie? Anyway, sorry, I started to ramble. But you get what I’m saying right?

Samurai Jack #7


I was a fan of the show, so it makes sense that I would be a fan of the comic. Especially when it’s basically the exact same thing. And I don’t know if it’s actually a sequel to the show, but I like to think that it is. I don’t think that it’s wrong to lie to yourself every once in a while. If it was, I wouldn’t own so much creatine. --- What are you getting this week? Tell us in the comments.