Review: Lumberjanes #1

What, oh my goodness it’s finally here! The first issue of Lumberjanes! I’ve literally been waiting months for this. There were so many little sneak peeks on Tumblr that I tried to avoid so I could get the full effect when it finally came.  It’s everything I hoped for; it’s got hardcore ladies and hardcore lady friendships, oh yea and some creepy supernatural stuff going on too. So let’s begin!  Lumberjanes takes place outside a campground in the middle of the forest. Things are looking pretty spooky and then it just gets super weird when some foxes show up with glowing eyes.  Yeah, glowing eyes that beamed a message into the sky about holy kittens. Our girl squad was just as dumbfounded as I was.

Oh wait, I’m getting a little ahead of myself let me introduce the rad set of ladies in this comic. First up we got Jen, who is this kind of camp counselor for the girls. Next up is Rosie, who is head of the camp and knows some pretty weird junk is out there. And lastly our group of campers is Molly, Mal, Jo, Ripley, and April. I gotta say Ripley is probably my favorite character so far, she’s got a little obsession with kittens. Yea, I feel ya Ripley; kittens are pretty much the best.

Lumberjanes_001_coverAThe girls try beating the crap outta of these foxes and it turns into a pretty hilarious situation. You should definitely read it! Seriously, go out right now to your local comic book store and read it.

Anyway, after they are over the foxes they try sneaking back into their cabin but Jen catches them in the act. They are sent to the wrath of Rosie but to Jen’s dismay Rosie was cool about the whole situation. As I’ve said before she knows a thing or two about things that go bump in the night; well in this case a little old lady that turns into a bear. I think our campers are in for a crazy summer full of supernatural adventures and friendship.

I loved every aspect of this comic! Each character has their own unique personality with a rad style and together they kick butt.

The collaboration between Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters, and Brooke Allen made this holy grail of a comic book. So thank you, my eyes were beaming out hearts after reading this comic. Please hurry with the next one!

Score: 5/5

Writers: Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis Artist: Brooke Allen Colorist: Maarta Laiho Publisher: Boom/Boom Box Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/9/14 Format: Mini-Series – Print/Digital