My Top Rack: Charlotte from Murder She Writes

I previewed this comic and thought it looked pretty cute. A definite murder mystery and that is my weak spot when it comes to comics. Well I picked out a winner. The story revolves around Shelley Winters. She is a children’s book author who is forced by her boss to go on a vacation with other writers for Christmas. Shelley takes along with her intern, Charlotte. Charlotte is 12 years old and is the star of this comic. She is quirky and still holds that intellectual innocence that adults just love.

While on the trip, the group of authors get snowed in only to find that one writer has been murdered. Like most 12 year olds, Charlotte is curious and takes it upon herself to solve the murder. At one point she suggests that two people having sex is them actually moving furniture and another moment she is rushing into the gore of the crime scene to find evidence. Love it!


Also, Charlotte walks right up to her suspects and asks them straight up if they murdered this writer for money or revenge. She holds nothing back. I wish some adults would take lessons from these cool kids. They tell it like it is.

John Allison truly brings a murder into a delightful little story surrounding unique characters. Just look at the cover and you will fall in love with this cute. And I want that hoodie she has on.

Murder She Writes Cover

Now available on Comixology