Review: Jason – Part 2

Yay Jason’s back! You may remember that recently I reviewed the first volume of this series while the second volume was on Kickstarter looking for funding. Well it reached its goal and I was given an advanced look for helping spread the word about the series. Let me tell you, if you funded this volume then you did good kid, you did good. The issue continues its newspaper comics strip style with each page being only three panels. It kicks off with Jason at a pet store trying to get stuff for the dog he “found.” He spoils the shit out of the dog and suddenly he’s got himself a companion. Whereas the last issue was a work place comedy, this issue was more like an indie movie in which the main character is trying to make sense of their life.

Freddy and Ghost Face are back and honestly they steal the show in this issue. They have great dialog and there’s a huge scene in which they have a kill competition of first to three. The rules are simple, no kids, no foggies and no food vendors. Jason watches and keeps score while they run around the park killing people. Instead of stopping it or calling the cops, people actually begin spectating as if it were a really good game of street ball or something.


In general the story was hilarious and really well written. Jason is thinking about being a mentor to young killers and while that story angle didn’t wrap in this issue I think it will carry over into the next chapter nicely. As strange as this is going to sound there’s a maturity to this story. Sure it’s goofy and full of great jokes and character dialogues, but its plot structure is very sophisticated.

The art work has also improved with this issue as well. It still has the trademark look of the first volume, but now the characters that are killed have their own style and look. Though the story has an intentionally simple design there is still a lot of detail and thought that has gone into the artwork. Also physical humor in 2-D is difficult, but Bonesteel nails it yet again.

If you missed out on supporting the Kickstarter you should still buy the book when it becomes available. It’s a great treat for anyone that enjoys the slasher horror genre as it pays a heavy homage to the past and present of the genre. Also its fucking hilarious and that should be enough of a reason to buy it.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Garry Bonesteel Self-Published Not available to the public yet Website