My Top Rack: Rachel from 'Dead Body Road'

I don't know if you read Dead Body Road this week, but Justin Jordan introduced readers to Rachel. As I said in my review I don't think Rachel is a strong female character. I think she's just a woman. A woman I've met in real life over and over and while she is a total bad-ass, she is in a way that you'd use to describe any of the women from the say the X-Men or even Wonder Woman. She's just a fierce woman.

Dead Body Road #2-9

She proves this when she returns from the crappy diner bathroom to find two professional criminals sitting at her table waiting for her. She listens to their idle threats and then goes to town on the two men. Now this isn't the movies she doesn't deliver a kill blow or do anything more than create distance between herself and them, but that's her goal. She knows she has nothing to stop them, but distance is one thing she can give herself. She's very smart about it as she escapes through the bathroom window, but rather than running she grabs a board and cracks the head of the first asshole to crawl through after her. The most amazing part of all this? She's pregnant or at least we're led to believe that from her opening scene.

Rachel is fierce. I enjoyed every page she was on and appreciated how real of a character she was. No damsels here, just bad-asses. Check out issue two of Dead Body Road available now from Skybound/Image Comics.

Dead Body Road #2-10