My Top Rack: Rascal from Umbral

Usually this section is about a woman who has kicked ass this week. They’ve done something cool to win our hearts and we long to follow their adventures into the month. That’s not necessarily the case here with Rascal from Umbral. While she was a strong character she didn’t accomplish a whole lot because her journey is just getting started. The reason I’ve picked her is because of the way she handled herself and her overall bad-ass demeanor. We start off with Rascal in Umbral as she’s running a con on the young prince of the kingdom. She’s there to steal the Oculus, but finds someone else has beaten her to it… or something else. Eventually she’s transported to what I can only guess is the Umbral, a shadow world similar to ours put populated by gruesome creators. Does she panic? No. That’s what’s great about Rascal is that she’s logical. What good would panicking do her? Instead she figures out how to get out, but when she does she finds that the world is not quite the way she left it.

That’s what makes her a great female character so far, she’s fucking bold. When the Prince tries to save her she’s upset about it because she knows that this kid can’t do anything to save her and definitely not in the situation they’re in and boy is she right. It's her, "what are you doing?" attitude that sets her apart. I’m looking forward to future adventures with Rascal as I’m sure she’s going to face bigger challenges, but along the way I doubt she’ll be taking shit from anyone.

My Top Rack - Rascal 2