My Top Rack: Sophie from Saga

There were a ton of great comics this week. Some of my personal favorites like Mind MGMT and Revival released this week and while I enjoyed both of those issues more if not the same amount as Saga; there was one scene that stole the week. If you read Jordan’s review this week then you know the scene or if you read the issue then you know as well. Sophie, the slave girl, and Lying Cat. Was there anything more powerful or moving in the world of comics? No there wasn’t.

I’m presenting the entire page below because even if you didn’t read the issue and don’t understand all the buzz around Saga, you’ll still be able to appreciate the power of this page:

Saga #14-21 copy

I don’t even think I have to say anything else about that scene and so I won’t. However I will quote a part of Jordan’s review because I think he nailed it.

Sophie talks to LC about herself as a girl would to any pet, looking good, saying things that any little girl may—and then her visage breaks. Fiona Staples deserves a ton of credit on this one; one expression says it all as the memory of the years of trauma this girl has had to endure comes flooding back. “Im all dirty on the inside” she says, describing the terribly dark and complex feelings in the best way a six-year-old could. But before she finishes her self-shaming, lying cat breaks in, “lying” and she hugs him.

-Jordan North