Neil's Fab Five For 1/15/14

Hi folks! Welcome to the first edition of the List.  This is an article talking about a couple of books that I thought were worth picking up this week.  Some of the books mention have been reviewed in our site by our wonderful Comic Bastard team.  Others are just picks I have made while visiting my local comic Shop.  Either way, here is my list of books to check out for the week of Jan 15.

1) Archer and Armstrong #17


What can I say about Archer and Armstrong, that hasn’t been said already.  Great storytelling, wonderful dialogue, witty humor, and some gorgeous art that is delivered every month. This is the reason why I read comics. And now that all the groups have joined together with Archer in issue 17 things are about to heat up in this book real fast.

2) Rat Queens #4


This book for me took me by surprise, at first I thought it was going to be another run of the mill Fantasy comic, but what really turned it around for me was the dialogue in this comic, it’s so witty and funny it’s more of a comedic Fantasy than a traditional fantasy, which is a nice take on it. I don’t mind the “epicness” of fantasy, but sometimes it’s good to have sense of humor.  In the latest issue we get some awesome fighting scenes by the queens and it looks like they are accepting responsibility for their actions in Palisades.

3) Drunk Fight


This book was a pleasant surprise for me this week. To have a one shot comic that relied mostly on the art to tell the story was a pleasant surprise, and the ability to pay whatever you like for the comic was a nice touch.

4) Black Dynamite #1


I saw this in the comic book store and I knew right away I had to buy it.  Who doesn’t like Black Dynamite? The issue starts off in typical Black Dynamite fashion, but it slowly takes a turn I wasn’t expecting.  I liked the fact that he isn’t going to be in his community for a while and that he will be doing missions in different parts of the country. It kind of gave me a vibe of a Black Kung Fu.  I can’t wait for issue two to bust out to see where this series is going.  Dynamite! Dynamite!

5) Mega Man #33

Mega Man #33 cover

In Mega Man #33, Mega Man is dying after his battle with Ra moon, and it’s up to Dr. Light, and get this… Dr. Wily to save Mega Man.  A great issue to finish the Ra Moon story line. -- Well that’s my list for this week.  Like I said before most of these books have been reviewed by our awesome team.  Check out their review of the books in the comic section under reviews at and give these books a shot.  Happy reading!