Neurobellum Productions Announces Hugo Broyler

If you haven't noticed we're not featuring a lot of Kickstarters anymore so that we can really deliver some quality projects for you to check out. Today we have one from Neurobellum for you to check out.

Kickstarter Link!

HUGO BROYLER is a tech-noir thriller set in a future where the top sport in the world is Static Velocity Levitation Racing, an internationally sponsored competition in which both mega-corporations and sovereign nations vie against one another for global market share.  Frictionless cars streak by at ludicrous speeds, controlled via neural feeds that allow drivers to steer with sheer instinct and impulse. Racers risk life and limb for fame and fortune, all in service to the glory of their sponsors. And the trophy for second place is as attainable as a closed-casket funeral.

The project is billed as “a high-speed, sci-fi, grindhouse graphic novel”, and we’ve gotten a pretty killer list of top-shelf artists contributing pieces for the book, including a cover by Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets):

  • Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire, Blue Beetle)
  • Leandro Fernandez(Punisher, Hulk, The Names)
  • Marcelo Frusin (Hellblazer, Loveless)
  • German Peralta (Moon Knight, Axis: Carnage)
  • Max Fiumara (BPRD, Abe Sapien)
  • Renato Guedes (Wolverine, Superman)
  • Caio Oliveira (Super-Ego, No More Heroes)
  • Bengal (Batgirl, Naja)
  • Djet (Poet Anderson)
  • Matteo de Longis (VOX)
  • Francisco Ruiz Velasco (Pacific Rim, Hellboy)
  • Nathan Fox (DMZ, Haunt, Blue Estate)
  • Ben Caldwell (Prez, Dare Detectives)
  • Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Wormwood, Squidder)
  • Zach Howard (Wild Blue Yonder, The Cape)
  • Daniel Warren Johnson (Ghost Fleet, Space Mullet)
  • Bryndon Everett (The World of Cassyno)