New Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Trailer and Cel Shaded Cosplay Jeans!

You're excited for the new trailer? Well too bad we're starting with the jeans. Look at those! They're fucking awesome. Cosplayer Kirameku is working on them for her Nisha the Lawbringer costume which ties into the trailer.  If they sold them like that or someone was just willing to make me a pair for a reasonable price... that's all I would wear! Just for men... I'm a big dude so I wouldn't be able to fit into lady pants you pervs. Also phrasing.


Now here's the trailer. I didn't realize that this game was out in October... I'm going to clear some time on my schedule for it. Since I didn't get to play the sequel that much I'm going to go hard on this one... don't expect a lot of Comic Bastardy stuff in October... just kidding. Don't expect it.