New Screen Shots and Details Emerge About Batman: Arkham Knight

Wow did the internet shit their pants for the new Rocksteady Batman: Arkham Knight game. It's supposed to be the final game in Rocksteady's trilogy, but we'll see... money. Some details were confirmed via Game Enforcer magazine, but one rumor I continue to read on several sites is that Hush might be the main bad guy of the game. Which is strange because the first bit of news is that Arkham Knight doesn't refer to Batman, but a new character in the game. This is the first new character that Rocksteady has introduced and it's speculated that it's the character shown below. ArkhamKnight


The game is also going to feature three distinct islands to play from, but it's not going to be big an empty according to Rocksteady. They want to create a rich, dense and populated world that's worth exploring. I hear three islands and I think "that's a lot of gliding..." not! That's right the Batmobile is drivable.

“We wanted to make the best car in any game ever. That was our mission statement right from the start.”

Already there are a billion pre-order bonuses. One of which is across the board and that's playing as the newly modeled Harley Quinn (don't think I didn't notice she looks closer to the voice actress now), but one that popped up at Walmart was an exclusive prototype Batmobile.


batman-arkham-kngiht-preorder walmart

Just a ton of stuff right! Here's some new pictures of the game to end this with.