New Ultraman Video To Promote The Third Collection

Japan's Manga market has been creating some wonderful promotions lately for new series or collected volumes. The motion comic you're about to watch is by far the best motion comic I've seen... mostly because it looks good and there's no piss poor voice acting. I found this on Comic Alliance which has a lengthy break down on why this new volume of Ultraman is different from the past 50 years of the series. I've been waiting for this to hit North America for over a year now, but unfortunately there are still no plans announced for that. The big difference though is that the new Ultraman uses a mech suit to fight kaiju rather than being infused with the power of Ultraman. I've read two different versions of the world now, one is that this story takes place on our earth meaning they acknowledge that Ultraman is a TV show and the other according to CA is that the previous Ultramen have been turned into action figures. This is why I just want to read it for my damn self. The video is cool though so check that out.