No Shit, You Can Smell Like Stan Lee

Somewhere, Stan Lee is laughing. Just a hearty evil laugh as he stares at the pay check he received for this. Now it doesn't state which Stan Lee you'll smell like; in his creative prime Stan Lee or business man Stan Lee. Those could be the same thing actually. You could just end up smelling like an old man too I guess. The best part about all of this is that you can only pre-order it currently. How about it? You gonna slap down $24.99 just so you can yell Excelsior every time you cologne up? Yeah you are. stan-lee-cologne-2-600x447

You may recall that background from well... every Stan Lee comic con appearance.


"Here you go Mr. Lee just hold this."

"Is this my Fresca that I ordered? I've been waiting forever."

"No, no, this is your cologne line."

"I was wondering what smelled like death."

"Sir, you haven't even opened it yet..."


Via Fashionably Geek