Not To Be Outdone By Supergirl, CW Reveals DC's Legends of Tomorrow Trailer

Well this happened... somehow it's worse than I imagined and I have a vivid imagination. I mean why the fuck is Arrow talking like he's the boss hog and revealing his identity to assholes he doesn't know? Why the fuck is the Flash talking like he has his shit in order when we see how far from the truth that is each and every week? Why the fuck are they standing on a rooftop waiting for Rip Hunter to make a flashy Doctor Who esc appearance? And have no doubt, his entire delivery (while still ten times better than everyone else's) was all Doctor Who inspired. And why the fuck is Brandon Routh reduced to bumbling idiot? He's a fucking billionaire genius right? This was beyond depressing and the fact that they're facing Vandal Savage and that Arrow and Flash will be on the show to some degree is just... even more depressing. It's like they took everything that was bad about Arrow and Flash and captured that magic in a bottle or a bag of shit.