NYCC 2016: BOOM! Picks Up A Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins Untitled Project

By Dustin Cabeal

I'm not going to lie, BOOM!'s "Road to NYCC" has been littered with the usual announcements. An ongoing WWE book? Not that different from SDCC. More Jim Henson? To be expected. And I get it, they need to hype books its the nature of the beast. I just haven't particularly gotten excited for any of them until this one. That said, I'm confused sometimes by this industry. I mean, it's Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins... what publisher would pass on a book from these two? None, but then how did BOOM! land them? I'm curious about their creator-owned deals, but I got a feeling I'm not the person they'll discuss that with.

At the end of the day, this is BOOM!'s biggest announcement leaving me to wonder what they could possibly have left? Will it be more of the expected or do they have a few more gems like this in store?