Official Dragon Ball Z Shoes For Only 400 Pesos!

I don't know what to think of these. Mexico based company Heredia Clothing has official (meaning its legit) licensed Dragon Ball Z sneakers. Vegeta, Goku and Trunks... I mean... were the fuck were these in the early 2000's? My problem is that I know a thing or two about shoes and no sneakers that cost 400 pesos (that's about 27 bucks USD) is going to feel good on your foot for very long. It's also probably not going to last very long either... yet I totally want these ugly ass shoes. Not just one of them, all three. What the hell is wrong with me. The next question is obviously, "can you get them online?" Well not yet, especially considering their website is available for purchase and or has nothing on it. They do have a web type store on their facebook page, but it doesn't have the DBZ stuff yet. There is a section for it. You can get their other officially licensed merch (at least I think it is) which isn't too shabby either. Sadly I will be buying these shoes if they become available... don't judge me, they're ugly and I need them.

Dragon Ball Z Official Shoes 2-7-15 (1)

Dragon Ball Z Official Shoes 2-7-15 (3)

Dragon Ball Z Official Shoes 2-7-15 (2)