Out This Week (4/17) From Avatar Press - Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #6

I'm posting this mainly because of the covers. They are pretty fucked up especially the second one after the jump. If I had post it first you would have been sent to counselling at work and the therapist would have tried to hug you even though they aren't supposed to and you would have been like, "no" and then you're the weirdo. Anyways, here's some info about the issue from Avatar:

The first terrifying arc of David Hine’s Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath comes to a violent conclusion.  A small handful of survivors escaped Las Vegas and the risen dead that now populate Sin City.  But their escape is only part of the equation.  On the road, low on supplies, and with nothing but death behind and literally following them, these few people must come together to seek safe haven.  But as the virus spreads like wildfire across the United States, there may not be a safe area to find.

Pick up the official Night of the Living Dead comic and put the bite back into your zombie comics.

Via Avatar Press