Panel Syndicate Announces Second Series -- Albert Monteys' Universe

We all know that Panel Syndicate has been talking about adding another series using their pay what you want system. The question instantly became, "will this do as well as The Private Eye?" Followed shortly after by "I wonder what it will be?" Well now we know!

Panel Syndicate is honored to announce our second new series, UNIVERSE!, from the fearless mind of award-wining writer/artist Albert Monteys. Readers in Spain are already very familiar with Albert's brilliant and hilarious work in the satirical EL JUEVES, where he served as director and contributor until bravely stepping down after the magazine's owners refused to publish a cover about the King of Spain. We're very proud to help introduce Albert to the rest of the world with his best work yet, an ongoing series of self-contained (but cleverly connected) sci-fi stories. Like all pay-what-you-want comics hosted by Panel Syndicate, 100% of any and all profits go directly to the creator, so we hope you'll donate with confidence and help fund the next installment of a comic that's completely unlike anything being published anywhere else in the universe.

Universe #1 Cover 11.20.14