Panel Syndicate Releases One-Shot Walking Dead Comic

Well this is interesting. Another creator A) letting someone else use their universe and letting them B) keep all the money is just pretty damn interesting. Panel Syndicate has always been an interesting experiment, but ultimately I think it's one that only works because of who the creators are.

[su_quote]Hola, amigos! Brian and Marcos here, excited to share that our new WALKING DEAD one-shot is finally available exclusively online at! We’re stunned and grateful that Robert Kirkman let us tell this particular story, which is firmly set in the continuity of his and Charlie Adlard’s beloved series. “The Alien" sheds light on a corner of their undead universe we never dreamed they’d let us reveal, and you can download the entire 31-page (!) black-and-white special at for any price you think is fair. Robert is very generously allowing us to keep 100% of whatever readers like you contribute, so thanks for helping to keep our site alive! - BKV & MM[/su_quote]