Pew Pew! There's Nowhere To Hide Your Blaster In These Star Wars Second Skins


And you thought a fetish model was the weirdest thing you were going to see today, nope! Let's start with the fact that these are called a fore second skins... gross. You may recall the other creepy full body suits that we posted about back in January and these are just as creepy. I posted Chewy first because... just look at him. My butthole clinches ever time I glance at the snarl on his face. Then there's the assortment of face body hair and suddenly you're afraid that the Ether Bunny is paying you a visit. There are more after the jump and of course more comments.

"Great party, but who invited the serial killer?"

Damn Vader, at least get your pecker in the oval.

"Did you say butt fetish? Oh Boba Fettish"

"Before we begin, we're going to need a safe word."

Via Fashionably Geek and Tip Via Justin Wood