#PoisonIvyLeague Seeks To Give Poison Ivy Her Own Series

To be frank, I love Poison Ivy. I have ever since Batman: The Animated Series and not just for the Harley Quinn moments either. I dig the character, so I can definitely get behind the Poison Ivy League's mission to give the character her own series. And why not? Has Harley Quinn not been a success? Frankly I'm surprised that she hasn't had her own series because it's one of DC's go to characters in the Batman-verse. Here's the Poison Ivy League's mission statement of sorts:

We all want a smart, strong, fun, multi-layered anti-hero Poison Ivy led book with roots strongly planted (pun intended) in her radical environmentalist ideologies.  Recently Poison Ivy cosplayers have taken to the cause, posting under #PoisonIvyLeague and #DCYou - all in the spirit of a fun and upbeat campaign meant to display our love of the character and desire to see her blossom (again, pun intended) into her own book.

The campaign seems to be picking up steam, but will DC actually listen and are there enough fans actually willing to support a Poison Ivy series? I guess you'll have to sound off on Twitter and social media with #PoisonIvyLeague and #DCYou.