Preview: Allen: Son of Hellcock #1

If you follow the site then you probably caught the interview I did with the writer/creators of Allen: Son of Hellcock. If not then you should definitely check that out in addition to this preview. Now's the time to pre-order this puppy so get on it!

ABOUT ALLEN: SON OF HELLCOCK ALLEN: SON OF HELLCOCK, the comic book debut of writers Will Tracy (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) and Gabe Koplowitz, with artist Miguel Porto, will be released this December from Z2 Comics. Title character Allen is cowardly, directionless, and less physically menacing than a daffodil. He’s also the only son of the mightiest hero ever to plunge his sword hilt-deep into the dark heart of evil… the mighty HELLCOCK! Enjoy the ride as Allen is thrust sword-first into a not-so-classic fantasy quest that, frankly, he would rather just sit out.

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