Preview: Holliston from Source Point Press

Hey Source Point Press passed along a preview for Holliston. You can read a little about it below or check out our previous release of info here!

Down on their luck wannabe filmmakers Adam and Joe want desperately to celebrate Halloween to the fullest, but their wallets say otherwise. When Adam finds a pre-paid credit card loaded with money, he decides to buy gifts for his friends Joe, Laura, and Corri from a mysterious shop full of rare items. Little does he know the card carried a terrible curse; one that will not only tear apart their friendships, but tear apart all of Holliston! Loaded with laughs, guest appearances, and horror movie references that fans of the show or just fans of great comics will all enjoy! Written by Greg Wright (Monstrous, Wild Bullets), edited by Travis McIntire (Up the River, Bayani and the Nine Daughters of the Moon), with pencils and Inks by Stephen Sharar (Up the River, Wild Bullets), and colors and letters by Joshua Werner (Zombie Rush Riot, Jack of Spades).

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