Preview The Abaddon -- On Sale 10/28/15

Well if you listened to this week's CBMFP then you already heard me talk about The Abaddon. Looks like it's releasing this week which is great news to anyone that was looking forward to reading it. You may recall that Kevin told me to stop talking about it because he was so interested in it. That should tell you something! Below is a preview to check out and you'll definitely want to grab this one.

From award-winning illustrator Koren Shadmi comes THE ABADDON, a strikingly cinematic graphic novel loosely based on Jean-Paul Sartre’s play NO EXIT from Z2 Comics. Attached are three pages from THE ABADDON that we hope you'll run in advance of the book's comic shop on-sale date -- tomorrow, October 28th. THE ABADDON will be available on the internet and in bookstores November 12th.

Originally created as a webcomic, THE ABADDON tells the story of a young man, Ter, who finds himself trapped in an otherworldly apartment with a group of dysfunctional, ill-matched roommates. Ter is aghast to discover that his new, grotesque reality is not governed by the laws of nature, and that his roommates are missing critical chunks of their memories and identities -- as is he. Shadmi's inspiration for the apartment building in THE ABADDON is a real one in Brooklyn, which houses many cartoonists.

Creator Koren Shadmi’s work was first published in his native Israel when he was a teenager. His haunting, alluring characters pull readers straight into Ter’s David Lynch-esque reality. On his captivating and, at times, horrifying quest for clarity and control, Ter remembers that he was once a soldier, and is forced to face the aftermath of his time on the frontlines -- a journey that echoes Shadmi’s own three year-stint in the Israeli Army.

Shadmi is already a well-known creator in Israel and Europe, and this fall’s publication of THE ABADDON promises to substantially elevate his U.S. profile. Through THE ABADDON, U.S. readers and critics alike will discover Shadmi’s intense combination of dark humor and drama; will feel a rare, visceral connection to characters that embody all of our deepest, darkest thoughts.