Remember Stan Lee's Mighty 7? Sure You Don't, But Here's A Trailer For The Cartoon!

Ah man, I remember this comic book and it was shit. I mean it was so terrible that you felt bad for being a comic book fan. Well it's getting animated and it looks... even worse. Stan Lee plays Stan Lee so you can imagine how terrible his voice acting is, but then there's Armie Hammer as Strong Arm. Fucking Arm & Hammer doing a voice! I sign me up right now! Christian Slater as Lazer Lord, nothing says remember my distinct voice like... yeah whatever. Mayim Bialik as Lady Lightning, whoa Blossom! Teri Hatcher as Silver Skylark I guess she has a pretty open schedule now. Flea as Roller Man... Red Hot Chilli Peppers suck. Darren Criss as Micro... Glee sucks. Sean Austin as Kid Kinergy he's better as Raphael. What a cast huh! Archie is busting out the big bucks... well enjoy the terrible trailer.