Review: A Voice In The Dark #2

When I reviewed A Voice in the Dark #1 last month, I knew absolutely nothing about Larime Taylor and his disability. Due to a congenital disorder, Mr. Taylor has to do all of his writing and drawing with his mouth. After reading the first two issues of this comic... My only statement is… What Disability? Taylor is a master craftsman in every shape of the word and a true treasure to be savored. What he may lack in physical ability, he more than makes up for it with sheer talent and desire. He has gained my full respect and attention. From the best I can tell, his work was dying to be told and we as readers are very fortunate that it has entered onto the printed page. Just  on story alone, not knowing anything, I was totally drawn into the world of Ms. Zoey Aarons, a serial killer in the making who’s trying to fight the dark desire within as she enters a new phase of her young life. She has left her home and has begun a semester at college some distance away. She creates a radio show on campus where anyone can speak of their deepest inner thoughts without judgment.  From what has been written and seen so far, it would appear that the radio show has not had its desired effect on her. It may be even making things worse.

AVITD02_COVERZoey understands that her desires are not normal, so she was hoping that the show would help her contain the desire. Much like a voyeur would use pornographic images to control lust; Zoey hopes that listening to others’ secrets will allow her dark side to be managed. In this issue, we have a caller who let's just say has some issues that are close to some of Zoey's own experiences contact the show. And here, as the story plays out, we see Zoey beginning to transform into the killer that she believes herself to be. We see how she thinks of herself as a person being poison that affects everyone she interacts with negatively. It is a slow and agonizing spiral down, but Taylor has made it so that we intensely feel for Zoey, killer instincts or not. The fact that she is a likable and almost "regular" human being is what makes this such a special read. I can't wait for more.

A Voice in the Dark addresses some very heavy issues like female self-image (mind and body), teen bullying, family dysfunction, and choices. It would appear that choices will be a big recurring theme throughout this story as we see how certain choices can have very bad consequences on those who make them. As for Zoey, watching and reading her direct interaction with the caller Heather, you become mesmerized. Once all is said and done here, you will find yourself cold. Larime Taylor just left me cold with his work. That's awesome.

I look at all the aspects of this book to be near perfect. The flow and pace of the story, the artwork slightly dark in nature, yet oozing with emotion, the foreshadowing (her Uncle is a homicide detective) it all makes for an exceptional tale by an exceptional author and I for one like Zoey am craving. This is a spectacular piece of literature.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Larime Taylor Publisher: Image/Top Cow Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/18/13