Review: Mind the Gap #16

Loved this cover for Mind the Gap. I love when issues highlight all the characters on the cover. It looks like an ad for a TV show. The rich colors just adds to the mystery that is Mind the Gap. I knew it was going to be a good issue just from the cover page. Good because I have been waiting. Anyway, the comic has taken a short break when “Act I” ended. Now beginning with Act II, the comic does a lot of recap in their designated section. We also get a narrator starting the comic off telling the reader what is happening during Elle’s funeral. The comic took some time to tell us everything, so I wasn’t annoyed but instead it was a way to build up the anticipation for the new story arc about to hit us. Also, the comic does have a lot of characters, so I think some recapping was needed even for huge fans.

mindthegap16_coverALast time we leaped off this train, we ended with Elle’s dead body being stolen from the morgue. The whole group of people surrounding this weird death of Elle show up at her funeral, obviously closed casket. Dr. Geller gets her wife involved with the whole team. I think it is about damn time someone got the authorities involved in all this madness. Even if they make no arrests at least Det. Wallace will have access to information no else does.

The group is tight as ever and with all the expanding, they seem closer to Elle’s body than Min and Elle’s grandfather, Erik. All of this build up is making me think that someone is going to die soon. Clearly Elle isn’t dead and you may even find out where exactly she is at the end, but you must read the comic in order to find out. So the group has some people hitting dangerous spots, so I am thinking once Elle is found Min will somehow destroy one of the group members’ lives. This could be a long-shot guess though, but I would not put it above this crazy woman. Elle’s whole family seems a little nuts. I still don’t get what Jairus is to them besides a way to kill their daughter. But why?

What I love about this comic is how the story is so complex. You really can’t guess about anything. The characters are complex as well, and the plot is like nothing I have ever read. I mean who thought you could make a whole comic about coma patients? I do wonder where the other coma patients will go though. Elle had some good friends in there that couldn’t just disappear from the story...right? See it is all twists and turns.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Jim McCann Artist: Rodin Esquejo Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 12/18/13