Review: Abe Sapien #15

Well this issue is a change of pace. You’ll notice instantly from the cover that there are two things different about this issue: 1) its illustrated by the fantastically talented Juan Ferreyra and 2) Abe… doesn’t look like himself or rather he looks like his old self. That’s right, this is a flashback issue of sorts that goes back to the time when Abe found out about his past and that he was once human. It’s interesting because if you already know that you have to wonder why they’re reminding the audience or in the case of new readers, telling them for the first time. Though the reason isn’t clear in this issue, I’m sure that it plays into the larger story being told and I’m curious to see how that unfolds.

We kick off in New Mexico where a crazy love-in with hippies has somehow summoned a creature from the beyond and its first instinct is to talk in its own language and kill everyone. I mean when I see a hippie my first thought isn’t “oh yay a hippie”, but I certainly don’t want to see them dead at the hands of this creature from the beyond. Unfortunately that’s what happens.

23887We find old school Abe in his lab, he’s retired from field work at this point because he’s obsessed with who he was. Eventually Roger comes in with the creature we saw earlier. Only part of it has been saved due to how out of control it got. At this point Roger begins giving Abe a hard time about how he’s dressed and how he’s acting. It’s a lengthy conversation so I won’t tell you everything, but it makes the issue.

This switch to old Abe was unexpected. It was like dealing with a new character and really how he’s acting is very different from the Abe we’ve come to know over the last few issue, yet alone the Abe we’ve seen since the beginning of this series. That’s an amazing switch to make and it really shows that Mike Mignola and Scott Allie know this character inside and out. The conversation with Roger is one that you can’t help but to take sides on and I don’t guarantee that its Abe’s side you’ll take.

Juan Ferreyra wasn’t a name I expected to see on this series, but boy did he ever make it work. It was a nice treat having him on and if he’s here for the next issue that’s great, but I have a feeling he was a special artist for a special type of issue and that’s okay. His style is very different from the Fiumara’s and that’s actually why it works so well for this flashback. What’s really amazing is how he’s modified his style and more so his coloring. He captures the look and tone that Dave Stewart does for the series and it looks great.

It was kind of cool to see old Abe again, but it made me realize how much I liked the new one. It may not have a “starting point” on the cover, but if you’re new to Abe Sapien then don’t miss this issue.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Mike Mignola and Scott Allie Artist: Juan Ferreyra Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 8/13/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital