Review: Adam.3 #2

Soooo... Throw out everything I said about the character models not being distinct in issue #1 of Adam.3. In issue #2 Scott Kolins really finds his speed with his main characters artistically (which is important when there are only 3 of them); each possess’ his or her own unique feel that had been missing. Scott’s love of animals is apparent in the art as well, shining through every chance he gets to put one on page this issue. ¡Speaking of this issue! As predicted (but don’t let that deter you) it delivers on the action promised in #1. In fact... it might over deliver. There are a couple of story elements, that would’ve given some serious character depth, that I can’t help feeling like belonged in the first issue; especially for Beo, our ‘homicidally hormonal’ – to quote myself – miscreant son.

Adam.3 #2The first E in SEEDS (the acronym subtitle) stands for Enemy, and us readers get to meet him/it with Adam. It turns out that it’s been a pointy celestial creature-oid, whose space black skin appears to be as toxic as it is pockmarked with strawberry pop rocks all along! And I have to say... I’m intrigued. Finally a credible threat that’s not fueled by puberty!

The page layout remains stellar, in fact if anything it’s improved. The whole issue just feels more refined and focused, which you love to see in a second issue. The main characters all receive a bit more sophistication, both in aesthetics as well as with background and motivations. AND, with the Mononoke-esque infectious animals from the first issue and the second E in SEEDS standing for Epidemic, I’m cautiously optimistic that we will be in for a visual treat with issue #3.

Score: 4/5

Adam.3 #2 Writer/Artist: Scott Kolins Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/2/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital