Review: Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians #1

I’ve never read an Age of Reptiles title before. I’ve seen extended previews and missed a few opportunities to check it out in the past, but Ancient Egyptians is my first dive into Ricardo Delgado’s look at every little kid’s favorite animal… the dinosaur. At some point they stop teaching us about dinosaurs in school and we forget about them with the exception of Hollywood movies. Clearly Delgado didn’t forget since he’s put a lot of research into this series and I would assume his previous work by default. The issue is what we comic readers call a “silent issue.” Which is a term meaning there’s nothing to actually read. No captions, no dialogue, no words. You take in the story all from the artwork and my goodness Delgado’s art work doesn’t just talk it sings. We’re following just one dinosaur, let’s call him Scar to make it easier and because he has distinguishing scars. Scar is a pretty average guy or gal just getting by eating and swimming. Scar comes across some bad situations and ends up getting into a fight and just making it out by the hair of his chin. He does this by injuring the lead dinosaur of another pack, but the leader seems to have a long memory. Also I’m going to guess that Scar ends up being a gal… just a hunch.

Age-of-Reptiles-#1-1The impressive thing here is that there is a comprehensive story. Sure some might not get it and just see dinosaurs doing dinosaur things, but we’re clearly following a character on a journey. I’m not saying there will be some deeper meaning to come from this story. Maybe it’ll just serve as an interesting look at these once great lizards, but there is a narrative to follow and it all comes from the art.

Delgado’s artwork is extremely detailed. If you don’t want to sit down and draw dinosaurs and lizards all day, then somewhere inside you is a weeping inner child. The artwork is breathtaking and I don’t use that in the clichéd “I need a buzzword” kind of way. His artwork is breathtaking for real. I could stare at it all day it was just that detailed and captivating.

A lot of it has to do with the color as well which Delgado did the concepts for. Ryan Hill was in charge of the end product and he is the prefect compliment to Delgado. Hill’s coloring makes the artwork pop and come alive. There’s so much detail in the pencil work that the coloring could have overpowered it or be overpowered by it, but instead it’s the perfect match.

If like me, you like dinosaurs and have never checked out an Age of Reptiles before then I would definitely recommend it. Hell if you have kids that can handle nature programs then they can handle this and it might be a good gateway title for them to experience comics. It’s good stuff so check it out.

Score: 5/5

Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians #1 (of 4) Story, Art, Color Concepts: Ricardo Delgado Colorist: Ryan Hill Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/3/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital