Review: Akaneiro #3

Review by: Connor Russell This is a series where I started having no idea what to expect. The cover for the first issue looked kind of cool when I first saw it and as they say the rest is history. It’s a series that for me that would hit average and sometimes above but really not much more than that. My main gripe with it was the writing, things feeling rushed and all over the place and characters could get a little annoying, but for me the art would pick it up. Anyways I should stop rambling and really get on with the review so here I go.

Our Little Red Riding Hood has awoken her demon slaying fighting skills and realised the people she originally thought were helping her were in fact demons in disguise. She basically becomes a crazy killing machine with eyes that glow. She has the two Red Hunters that were looking for her catch up only to have the demon king descend from his mountain, and when all seems lost, all the Red Hunters join the fight that is sure to make history...

Akaneiro #3 CoverJustin Aclin wrote this series. I'm unsure of how much was his originality and how much was predetermined from the game so I find it a little hard to say too much negative against him. He still did write these characters and how they acted and reacted with each other and the unfolding events, and I found myself constantly feeling annoyed rather than attached to the characters. Little things however like the protagonists' evolution did help pick up the quality and the series did teeter off well towards the end finishing on a higher note than how it started.

Vasilis Lolos was the man behind the art. It’s an art that definitely has its own style, if he continued in this vein I could probably guess whenever something was his work. It has a flair that makes it recognisable. Sometimes the art looks really good and the demons generally look slick but I found he fell a lot with humans, especially in the area of faces. They wouldn't look right.

I know it seems I picked a little more on the negatives and I'm sorry if it seemed a little one-sided but that’s how I felt. There are some positive pointers to this team on this trio of books but to me it still sits as an overall average as the downs outweighed the highs. I may check the game out, I don't know.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Justin Aclin

Artist: Vasilis Lolos

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/31/13