Review: Alice In Wonderland #1

The most well-known Alice in the world is back in Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Alice in Wonderland #1.  Yep, you know the story; the one about the young blonde girl who enters Wonderland through a magical entrance. She then gets duped by a talking rabbit who leads her deeper and deeper in the madness that is Wonderland.  With twists and turns laced with floating doors and falls that go on forever, Alice ends up in the mist of the Jabberwocky who needs her stay…forever. Trapped, Alice witnesses fragments of her life that could have been through the looking-glass.

The years pass and Alice attempts countless times to escape the Jabberwocky’s hold. Alice, no longer a child and insanely hot, the white rabbit too realizes this and frees her from the Jabberwocky clutches with the help of a Sleeping Mushroom.  Now free, the two head off deeper into the forest. Within moments the two run into The Cheshire Cat and the cat likes what he sees in Alice. But looking isn’t good enough for him; he has to have a taste. As the two flee from the sinister cat, they become separated.  Now alone, Alice stumbles onto a cabin near a beach and into a new obstacle.
alice01c- neiWell, that’s a small sample of Alice #1. What did you really expect, it’s still just Alice in Wonderland? The story is nothing new but I assume with most stories that are almost 150 years old, it’s the interpretation that makes all the difference.  I for one am new to the whole, Grimm, Fairy tales Zenescope comic thing. So I really didn’t know what to expect from them and their spin on the fairytale world. But as far as comics go, I must say Alice #1 wasn’t half bad.If I had to be nit picky, it was a tad too chatty at times and I wasn’t crazy about her narration. Due to the fact she’d pretty much say what the narration box just stated. The art was pretty consistent and I won’t mention the covers because they all kick ass! Man, did they make Alice hot.  Did I mention that Alice was a babe? No, really.

Score : 3/5
Written by: Raven Gregory
Pencils by: Robert Gill
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Price: $2.99