Review: The Immortal - Demon in the Blood #2

It’s nearly twenty-five years after our first issue and yet Amane has still yet to age. Times have changed and yet Amane is still living in the same place doing the same profession. He’s just finished with a client as a young woman approaches him drenched from the rain. She asks him his name, but he claims to be Enma Houshou. He sends the woman off, but she calls to him through his door about her father. He’s the man who once threatened Amane’s life if he ever saw him again. Taking pity on the girl he invites her into his home, but still pretends not to be who he actually is. The girl explains that her father has been arrested based on some trumped-up charges. It looks like Amane’s side won the war after all and now his once friend is looked down upon. Amane agrees to help her father and the two head down to the police station he’s being held at. It's little help as the officers on duty are corrupt with power and refuse to release her father. Amane calls upon a favor from a man he helped with his own Oni tattoo and sure enough they get the girl’s father released.

19208This issue is a double-sided sword; on one hand it’s very good, but totally relies upon you having read the first issue. This is more than likely due to the fact that it’s being cut into four issues from its original graphic novel format. Even still I really enjoyed this issue and especially the steam punk technology that they added subtlety throughout the issue. Even though it’s a period piece, that little element makes it stand out. Better still is the fact that no one acknowledges the technology or tries to explain the how’s and why’s behind it.

There’s not much to say about this issue other than the fact that it was very good, very enjoyable and has gotten its hooks even deeper into me. I truly enjoy the setting and the plot device driving the story. The next issue especially looks promising as the stage is set for even more tragedy. Also it’s worth noting that each chapter seems to take on a different genre, which makes the next issue even more interesting. If you enjoyed the first issue then you’ll like this one just as much, but if you missed it you’ll need to pick it up digitally to know what you’re missing.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Ian Edginton Artist: Vincenc Villagrasa Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 1/25/12