Review: American Nature – Pack #2

Though it’s only a few pages, I said fuck it let’s review this bad boy! American Nature appears in the back of Hoax Hunters from Image Comics and it’s actually become one of my favorite things about the series. It’s clearly influenced by MAD magazine, but manages to incorporate modern elements of our society in a way that MAD has failed to adapt to over the years. Things like texting, Twitter and Hipsters. Look no further than “Messenger Boy Social Club” for evidence of this. This series captures everything about the “Hipster” lifestyle that is both mocked by society at large and secretly praised by others. It’s over the top; it’s ridiculous and also sadly true in so many cases. Essentially, every hipster in the city is invited on a subway car that is then zipped into outer space. On board a complex bartering system develops as hipster’s trade food and supplies for their vintage and unusual items/clothing. Everything about this story amuses me, from the character names (Boof) to the warm Capri Suns. Really I just wish there was more of it to read.

Greg and Fake American Nature Review Pack 2

The other chapter is actually a fun tale involving the Hoax Hunters cast as they chase down a Chupacabra in Mexico. Even though the cast is somewhat serious it still has the Greg and Fake charm to the story as they all dress in “local” attire to blend in. This results in dressing like stereotypes and then beating the hell out of a man dressed like a Chupacabra, when a real one might actually be sitting right in front of them.

Granted you can’t exactly buy these stories on their own, but hopefully as the collection grows Image will collect the tales and release them. I personally think that the team could support an ongoing series at this point, but they likely need some fan support. So let Image and Hoax Hunters know that you like American Nature damnit!

Score: 4/5

Hoax Hunters Adventures

Writers: Marc Koprinarov and David Landsberger

Artists: Greg and Fake Petre

Messenger Boy Social Club

Writers/Artists: Greg and Fake Petre