Review: American Nature Presents – Limited Edition

If you’re unfamiliar with American Nature then you’re not trying hard enough. It’s the only indie comic that manages to capture the humor of MAD Magazine, but with actual modern stories and characters. While I was at NYCC the team behind the series which has appeared at the back of Image’s Hoax Hunters, was kind enough to kick me their limited edition issue for review. The first story stars the characters Maria Lionaz and the Young Time Traveller. They’ve come upon a time in Greece in which a giant floating statue of the Wise God Mediokrates is broken. Kind of? That’s not the point, basically this statue is supposed to give people what they want and instead he’s spitting out crap so Maria and Young decide to fix it… but they don’t… or do they? It’s from Ralph Niese and both the art and story are entertaining. It really is fun romp and kicked off the issue just right.

American Nature Presents 10.23.14The second story is a zero issue of sorts for R.A.D. in Time a new series coming out from Bogus Publishing. Bogus puts out some great books so be sure to check this out to. The gist is that a dude from the future named Albert Einstein travels to the past to make himself the most famous Albert Einstein in history by giving cavemen rocks and fire. It goes horribly wrong and the results are cavemen time travelers that land in 1992. Can you say awesome? You can because that’s what this story is. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Great job on the story, the art and the coloring. Greg & Fake can color like nobody’s business!

The third story and the last one I’m going to talk about, is Beef Jams. Beef Jams is about a basketball league made up of truckers. There’s tons of drug and sex references and usually that shit gets old quickly or doesn’t even warrant a laugh. Here though, it’s really funny and definitely the best part of the book. I mean the leader of the team has a hamburger for a head! I ask you what’s not to love. Do you hate hamburgers? Well then it must be really hot for you this time of year in hell because that’s where you are.

What I really enjoy about American Nature is the rotating stories that they have. There are a lot of characters and they just check in on them here and there and that’s what honestly reminds me the most of MAD Magazine. That and the humor. Even with that they manage to tell solid stories and never look for the cheap out that MAD has always relied on.

If you funded their Kickstarter campaign then you’re going to be really happy with the issue. The paper stock is very nice and there’s just something pleasant about holding the comic. There’s more to the issue, but I want to leave something for you all to find for yourselves. If you see them at a con say what’s up and tell them to make that “Basic Bitches Buy Marvel” shirt for men… and buy this issue. Buy the issue before you say all that rude stuff I said to say.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Various Artist: Various Publisher: Bogus Publishing Price: $4.99 Website