Review: America’s Got Powers #2

Review by: Neil Rodriguez Issue two of America’s Got Powers came out this week and so far the mini has been surprisingly good. The issue starts off with coverage of the events that transpired at the end of the first issue in which Tommy saves a kid from being killed by the giant robot that was in the arena by activating his powers.  Everyone in the arena and the media is enamored with the kid and now wants to know who Tommy Watts is and what his powers can do.

The issue also goes deeper into character development and it explains that Tommy and his brother Bobby are actually twins. Bobby developed super powers right after he was born; while Tommy’s powers were dormant.  After seeing what Tommy did in the first episode of the show, the government now wants Tommy to fight in the show to spotlight his powers; the problem is that Tommy might not be willing to appear due to the fact that his brother died during a season of the show.

amgotpowers02_coverThe second issue was solid.  I enjoyed that there was a lot of background given about Tommy and his brother and I liked the idea of having one brother have powers right away while the other brother’s were dormant.  Although the brother’s relationship was shown very briefly you can feel a connection between them and you understand why he keeps his mother’s promise about not wanting to fight in the show. Ross also does a good job of throwing you a curve ball in the story.  As for the art in this book, it’s still awesome.  I never get tired of seeing Hitch’s art in comics.  I just love how everything for him seems like I am watching story boards for an action movie.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and I'm ready to continue reading this mini to its entirety just to see what turns it will take throughout the mini. The issue has good character development, a very interesting plot is brewing and the art is just killer in this book as it always is with a Bryan Hitch book.

Score: 4/5

Script: Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch Art: Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch Publisher: Image Comics Price $2.99 Release Date: 5/30/12