Review: Apocalypse AL #4

Opening up the end of a story arc, you always want it to end exactly how you pictured it or surprise the hell out of you. We had our surprise factor last issue with Scott. So now it was time to give us what we wanted and let Al destroy this mofo. I was anxious to see how it unfolded, but I wasn’t holding my breath. But first things first... Dude this cover rocks. Like it is totally hard core. With so much happening last issue, Scott betraying Al, we needed a dark cover where her world is falling apart. That is exactly what we get. Al entered the fun house last issue and was left with no giant teddy bear. Yeah it was awesome. Freaks are coming out of every corner to take down Al. She has some help, but it doesn’t last very long. Anyway, we had some epic adventure, so pick it up before you get this one. Obviously, the surprise I mentioned earlier is Scott working for Francis Walther, the owner of the Book of Keys. He is the one opening all these gateways in order to find hell. Not exactly an ideal vacation with her boo.

ApocalypseAl04-CoverEntering this issue, we meet up with Al and Scott and him feeding her some bullshit. I mean clearly this dude is mental, but he does have a point. I actually feel bad for him being between life and death. So it makes sense that he wants some sort of resolution even if it means ending the world. Al doesn’t exactly feel the love from Scott and decides against him. She must stop Francis now. I don’t know how she is going to do it, but Al is going to try her best of course with some clever wit on the side. Al makes lots of jokes while trying to save the world and really there is no better way to do it. I love when a comic can have such dramatic moments and then have those little sidebars of comedy.

This is where the comic starts to slip. It slips down, and I don’t want to watch it. Obviously, I have to finish the review, but the issue’s plot became real weird. First Francis has a French accent that isn’t real. A bad one. Like dude I don’t even want to pretend to read this with my fake French accent. Then Al asks him why he would want to open up hell. Totally cliché hero question. I guess the biggest issue is having such an evil outcome of opening hell you would think there is more to Francis’ plot, but we get some lame ass chick problem. I was hoping there would be a little more.

Overall the premise is interesting. I mean saving the world every damn day has got to be cool and probably good pay. Plus Al is a good female lead for the storyline. She has got that punk rocker look with all the right curves to catch the eye of any human. I hope when we see Al again, she can bring in all the right moves and finish strong.

Score: 3/5

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Artist: Sid Kotian Publisher: Image/Joe’s Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 5/7/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital