Review: Archer & Armstrong #20

Being infamous takes the ultimate sacrifice. There is a reason L.A. is called La La Land and the home of weird religions. Archer and Armstrong are now heading that way for their next adventure, but somehow I feel like I’m in an Eagles song. The boys are in Los Angeles looking for Archer’s original parents… and they thought the sect was weird. Soon a familiar rockabilly character asks to jump in their car so he can get away because the people need their “king”. The files at Project Rising have the boys heading into a strange place, the church of Retrology Fameotorium. They figured they could just wander in and find Archers parents. After seeing some familiar art on the wall representing the “lizard king” they are greeted.  Archer and Armstrong were actually expected to be there and are taken on a tour of the spiritual house and ideas J. Douglas Morrison has set up.  He also wants to meet Archer.

AA_020_COVER_B_WALSHI love this issue for the symbolism. It was fun trying to recognize the famous people and the reaction it leaves on others. The other part that makes this issue good is that you feel like you are trapped in “Hotel California” or Rock n Roll heaven. Besides the symbolism the story sets an interesting search for Archer’s real parents and the strange journey that is starting. I’m hooked again.

This is a great start to the next arc and it was fun. It wasn’t full of action, but definitely a new adventure that’s outside the last couple arcs but still ties in elements. I still ask if you aren’t reading this comic why? It’s an awesome adventure with great art to compliment it.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Fred Van Lente Artist: Pere Perez Colorist: David Baron Publisher: Valiant Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/7/14