Review: Aquaman #1-3

Well what can I say I picked this up because I wanted to try something different in the way of the normal superheroes. The first response I got from having my shop hold it for was "why?" It’s Aquaman and my response why not. I have enjoyed how it played out so for and look towards the finish of this story arc. I know Dustin put his thoughts down already on the first issue. The story so far is Aquaman gets no respect for being a superhero in the opening of the series he tries to break up a crime and the officers ask him “why are you here?” Later Aquaman sits at a dinner and everybody start asking about his “shiny” shirt, trident, how he can talk to fish and other stuff about him. Little does he know something from the trench is coming forth. What arrives is Humanoid Piranhas (best way to describe) they start their attacks on a fishing boat then move to the docks before attacking land.

aqm_cv1These terrors from the deep are looking for food and that’s why they are attacking. When the attack happens on the dock of course everybody runs to Aquaman and his wife Mera for help. And of course they go running but there are more question like “why do you live in the lighthouse not Atlantis?” During the battle the one of the terrors recognize Aquaman and go after him to capture to bring him back to their home the trench. With no success the terrors are defeated and run back home with food (humans, animals and whatever they savage). Now the police thank Aquman for his service and said they will put in a good word in the press for him, but still show little to no respect. As Aquaman leaves the scene he takes the dead terror with him to a marine biologist to find out what they are?

That's where we sit after three issues; I want to find out the rest of the story so I’ll keep reading. I like that everybody doesn't believe Aquaman is a real superhero and there are more questions from people to dispel rumors of truth of him. How Geoff John is writing is going to make Aquaman a legitimate superhero instead of the butt of all jokes. The story does move along quite well and is enjoyable; it’s also why Geoff is one of the better writers out there. One example is The Flash which has dropped off considerably when he stopped writing after Flashpoint. I also believe it’s one of the better stories of Th New 52 out there that.

2138873-aquaman__2011_5th_series__03The art is visually striking and very detailed. One especially is the terrors you can see how sharp the teeth are, how dangerous the claws would be and even down to the scars and wounds they have. To be honest they are scary looking and one of the best creatures recently out there. Aquaman is done well but its hard making that pretty boy look mean and angry. I prefer the look in the end of Justice League #3. Sometimes Mera looks more intense than Aquaman. The coloring on the sunsets are amazing and the darks void where the terrors come from is striking.

To sum up Aquaman so far an enjoyable read and worth a shot. My only worry... what will happen if Johns drops from this one like he did on The Flash. Grab a copy on enjoy or let the hazing begin because well it's Aquman.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Geoff Johns Artist: Ivan Reis Publisher: DC Comics Price: $2.99 Each