Review: Cobra Civil War - G.I. Joe #8

And the winner is… well I can’t say yet. But this wraps up the earlier issues of whom is going to be the new Cobra Commander. I wanted to read this to find out the new Cobra Commander because this new twist on G.I. Joe has the old Cobra Commander stepping down. The Tuna has sunk losing 132 Joes, Dusty and others are almost wiped out trying to save themselves from B.A.T.s and the Joes are facing multiple attacks all over to disrupt the funding and being disbanded. The only thing going for them is Baroness has been captured and being transported to a safe house. Now the Cobras have convened to name their new commander.

GI_JOE_Ongoing_08_cvrAThe story really does build up to a height of a climax but it is interesting how the new commander plots and gets the seat and how ruthless he is. The Joes look desperate on their last hour and not much of the heroes we're used to. And is this really a civil war between Cobras? Sure I haven’t seen much of the series but who knew that the cobra civil war seems like the best way to take out the Joes.

To cap it off I was disappointed it really didn’t seem like there was a height to the story. If you want to know who the know Cobra pick it up it even has a scratch off cover. Maybe the few books to follow might bring the interest of G.I. Joe back to me. What does interest me is what Destro is doing.

Score: 2/5