The New 52: Kevin's Picks

In conjunction with the latest podcast here’s my end of the year list of the best, the worst and the guilty pleasures of DC’s reboot dubbed The New 52. The Best:

1) Animal Man


Well slap me in the mouth and call me Sally! If would of told me that my favorite book in the New 52 was going to Animal Man I would have called ya’ crazy. Well crazy it is and it is the most interesting DC comic book I’ve read in a long time!

2) Supergirl


Poor Kara has gotten the short end of the shit stick more times than anyone can count. Shitting writing, fucked up origin, crap-ass art. Now for the first time in a long time I am completely stoked to read a Supergirl book. Please DC do NOT fuck this up!

3) Deathstroke


Sometimes you want something badass, balls out, white-knuckle thrill ride. I’ve always loved me some Slade but now I wanna have his baby!

Honorable Mentions – Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern, Action Comics.

The Worst:

1) Green Arrow


I really, really wanted to like this book but it sucks so damn bad it literally has infinite regressed the art of comics by 50 years. It reads like a child wrote it and everyone involved should be embarrassed.

2) Fury of the Firestorm


DC really wants the character in the pile to be entertaining but that won’t happen, it’s just a boring read and I hate everything the book tries to do.

3) Batwoman


We waited how long for this? You sat on this book for so long and guess what? It sucks. Add to the fact DC dicked the adorable and talented Amy Reeder out of her variant covers and this pretentious can’t get cancelled fast enough.

Honorable Mentions – Captain Atom, Batgirl (I don’t give a fuck till they bring Stephanie back), anything Legion related, Blackhawks.

Guilty Pleasures:

1) Birds of Prey


What the hell is up with these girls? They all talk like a bunch of dudes. I’m not saying that they need to be talking about cooking, fashion and boys but damn these girls are butch. I digress this book has been pretty darn fun to look at and read!

2) Hawk and Dove


I know—WTF right? This book is a hot mess. Everything in this book from the writing to the art is broken and plenty stupid. But there is something about this little turd that makes me laugh.

3) Blue Beetle


Forced Spanish dialog and dated Latino stereotypes aside, I really want to see what this book does next. It’s not even that good but I need more. I’m sorry.

Honorable Mentions – Voodoo, Suicide Squad, New Guardian -- That’s what I call a list filled with opinions! Some choices made sense at the time but I’m sure I will keep true to this for at least a few more months.