Review: Archer & Armstrong #12

Aliens, weird cultish figures, a strong general and some heartfelt moments, that’s what you can expect from this issue of Archer and Armstrong. Sure it can be strange and off the wall, but it also makes for one entertaining story. General Redacted is forming an army to take out the Roanoke tribe.  His army is full of grays armed with UFOs and they are the best damn pilots he has ever seen. The unexpected guests or captors of the Roanoke tribe, Armstrong and Mary-Maria have been given a brief history lesson of the Roanoke tribe. They are asked to help them with the impending battle that will ensue. Armstrong is ready for battle to help out and keep the tribe from being wiped out. Mary-Maria has hesitation because of her past. Armstrong simply tells her that it’s her choice and that’s not something her father or adopted parents ever gave her. As the attack starts the Roanokes release their secret weapon Armstrong who attacks the fleet. He takes them out in his usual clumsy way by punching through the face of one of the greys then falling down on other ships while being grossed out by their skeleton made of Jell-o.

AA_012_COVER_LUPACCHINONow to Archer who is trying to wrap his head around the freakish cult that has followed his writings. The philosophy is non-intervention, unless it comes to the word (a book Archer has written). Archer blows up saying and I quote “a load of bull-corn.” He keeps throwing scenarios out at them and using different instances to find a flaw in their/his logic. He comes up with some lame excuse to find a weapon and instead finds a prisoner below the temple.

This story just got me and said hell yeah this is enjoyable. The banter and characters make it alive, the action never lets down and it draws you in. The lines between characters had me on the ground laughing you just can’t take the story seriously at times, but that’s a good thing. The world that is created is imaginative and just fun. The art jumps and is crisp and clean. I love the coloring it just comes off the page making it pure art. There is some great foreshadowing to future crossovers.

Pick this book up well because it’s a great book. It had me laughing and just drew me in. I’m not just talking about this one issue but any Archer and Armstrong. Sure this issue needs at least one of the previous issues to tie some things in, but they’re all worth checking out. This is my favorite ongoing out of the few I follow.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Fed Van Lente

Artist: Pere Perez

Publisher: Valiant Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 8/14/13