Review: Lou Ferrigno’s Liberator #1

Review by: Connor Russell The first word that came to my mind when I found out the story behind this comic was: what. Then when I got three pages in the word changed to: crap. I'm going to say it now; this will probably be the most negative review I've written on here. I'm telling you straight away to avoid this. You can read my review for all the reasons if you want, or you can just heed my warning and don't read this comic.

Lou Ferrigno, who I think is called Ed? He was a super hero for America, The Liberator. Thing is, it all went downhill and fell to nothing. He lost his wife, his friends, the love of America and his relationship with his daughter. This is all revealed in an interview over his latest book, which turns out isn't an interview for news. It’s to have him confess for telling secrets, which the Government than swoops in to bring him in, but don't worry he's still strong and fast and stuff.

LIBERATORaThis book was written by Jim Cirile and Aaron Pope. I'm sorry guys but this was horribly written. I get it was based off a short, so I guess I can't pin all the bad writing on this duo, maybe the short was bad as well. I haven't watched it. But still, going off this issue, it was all terrible. The characters bored me, the attempt at drama was badly done and the dialogue and narration was a chore to read.

Art was done by Gerry Kissell, and this art was another thing really bad with this comic. So many things would look warped or out of proportion. It hurt to look at. The coloring and the lettering also looked of amateur quality.

I could drag this review on but I would end up just going in circles and repeating myself, that's how annoyed this comic has made me that I can't function properly. Just avoid it, nuff said.

Score: 1/5

Writers: Jim Cirile and Aaron Pope Artist: Gerry Kissell Published: Blue Water Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/14/13