Review: Arrow 3.08 - The Brave and The Bold

We have a bad guy wielding boomerangs and Team Flash in the house, so what could go wrong? The Flash and Arrow crossover continues. Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin show up in Starling City to help catch Digger Harkness, who apparently is after Lyla. Some revenge deal, isn’t it always? There’s conflict between Oliver and Barry, as Barry watches Ollie’s interrogation tactics and rough handling of the bad guys. Barry believes that using Oliver’s methods would make him “no better” than the villains. Oliver says Starling City is a much darker, harder place than Central, and that his methods are necessary. We get some flashbacks in this episode that show us exactly how Ollie learned these interrogation tactics, and just how averse to them he used to be.

There’s an on-going joke throughout the episode about Lyla and Diggs not being married, though that joke won’t play for much longer, as John has finally proposed. Felicity has great chemistry with literally everyone on the show; she’s certainly the bright spot, and she eases tensions and awkwardness, despite being a generally awkward person. Cisco and Caitlin fit in pretty well with Team Arrow, and I’d love to see more of them on the show. Thea makes a brief appearance, as do Laurel and Captain Lance. There are some really good Roy moments, including Oliver referring to him as Speedy, as well as some solid interactions between Oliver and John. In the middle of all the nonsense, Oliver takes a moment to check in with John and see that he’s okay, which is a nice touch. Lyla is the target but is never made into a victim, even when she gets hurt. She’s tough and can stand on her own while still easily accepting Team Arrow’s help.

This was a solid episode. It had a couple of good action scenes, but overall it was the interactions between the two teams, plus Lyla, that made this one fun. While you wouldn’t miss out on any crucial information, I don’t recommend skipping this one.

Score: 4/5

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