Review: The Flash 1.08 - Flash vs. Arrow

A metahuman who can overwhelm people with feelings of anger is terrorizing Central City. The Arrow is there to help, and it turns out to be a good thing when the Flash is inevitably affected. Iris and her cop boyfriend are at odds because Cop Boyfriend believes the Flash is a “menace,” while Iris is pretty obviously enamored. When the metahuman causes Barry to feel overwhelming anger, he directs some of it at Cop Boyfriend, and Iris is there to witness. She tells the Flash to stay away from her, but we’ll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, Oliver, Felicity, and Diggs are in Central chasing a lead, and when the metahuman causes trouble, Oliver reluctantly agrees to help. He’s moody and broody about it, and since Barry is more sunshine and rainbows, their training doesn’t exactly go well. When Barry’s affected by the metahuman, it’s Flash versus Arrow. It’s a nasty fight, and they’re pretty evenly matched, with Barry’s powers and Oliver’s experience. It’s hard to say who would have won, but we never find out for sure, as they bring Barry back to normal before there’s a clear winner.

This Flash versus Arrow business was rather overhyped. The actual in-fighting was short-lived. This episode was about two teams learning how to work together with one broody vigilante and one puppy-like superhero, but it wasn’t particularly memorable. There was, of course, Oliver telling Barry that he basically can never have a normal relationship, Barry pining after Iris, Iris a little too intrigued with the Flash, and so on. All rather expected.

We didn’t see any of the lead that Oliver and co. had chased into Central, which is fine, since it’s just the set-up for the corresponding Arrow episode. So I say, skip this episode. As much as I enjoy Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, overall this show just isn’t doing it for me. It’s something to have on in the background while you do… anything else.

Score: 3/5

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