Review: Assassination Classroom S.2, E.17

Assassination Classroom is in its final season and all Koro-sensei's secrets have finally been revealed. Episode 17 titled "Discord time" addresses the divide that emerges in the class between the students, after discovering that the assassination of their teacher isn't as straightforward as it first appeared to be. The students realise that Koro-sensei's demise is inevitable (or at least half of the class believe it to be so) but fail to come up with any assassination plans before returning to school for the last term. However, on the day of their arrival Nagisa being the dark horse and nonconformist he is, suggests to the class that they should attempt to save Koro-sensei instead. Almost immediately some of his classmates agree, while the rest choose to kill Koro-sensei, as it's what they have been training for. For the first time ever, Karma and Nagisa are in opposition to one another and Karma's inferiority complex begins to rear its ugly head. While it did not seem conspicuous before, it is made Assassination Classroom s2apparent in this episode that Karma views (and has possibly always viewed) Nagisa as a rival. Nagisa has constantly been praised for having a knack for assassination by peers, teachers and even opponents, which may have slightly fuelled Karma's sense of inadequacy.

As a result two camps form: one for killing and another against killing, with Karma and Nagisa leading the two groups. Before the episode draws to a close we see each camp slowly get whittled down to the two most gifted main leads: Karma and Nagisa. Naturally, in order to keep us in suspense and eagerly awaiting the next episode, the episode ends with what appears to be a showdown between the two leaders.

Anyone care to bet who will emerge victorious from this upcoming battle?

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Assassination Classroom S.2, E.17